What You Need To Know… Plus Some of the Cool Street Art We’ve Seen

1. When traveling, roller bags are ALWAYS a good idea. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Having toted around a duffel bag on one shoulder and a computer/book bag on the other shoulder yesterday (up and down untold numbers of flights of stairs; funny thing: I had actually considered adding the concept of consistently working […]

A Second Look at Cultural Differences

Hello! Happy Thursday! Thursdays are my favorite days. The promise of a weekend is so close I can taste it! Today is going to be a day of fewer pictures, and on some of the things I’m going to say, you will be glad of this (and you may express your thanks in the comments […]

Wiesbaden and Mainz: A Tale of Two Cities

I get rivalries. I really do. I grew up deep in Bulldawg territory, and I feel like I fully understand the relationship between UGA and Georgia Tech. I also understand arch-rivalries (at least to some extent). Again, I grew up deep in Bulldawg territory, and it is in my blood to be a Gator Hater […]

Konzentrationslager (KZ) Buchenwald

Buchenwald, only a handful of kilometers outside of the town of Wiemar, was a massive and horrific Concentration Camp established by the Nazis prior to the start of the war. In fact, many of the guards for camps all over Europe were trained at Buchenwald. Buchenwald held over 250,000 prisoners between 1938 and 1945, and […]

Weekend Review: A Study in Contrasts

What a weekend! As the title suggests, we had a bit of a night and day kind of experience for the weekend taken as a whole. We had fantastic weather and beautiful fall vistas, as well as deeply felt disgust (and sadness, and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion just contemplating the conditions the prisoners there […]

Hooray! Mike Wrote a Blog Post. It’s Called: “A Look at Fashion in Europe”

European trends per moi by jimmyandjulia featuring flower drop earrings Obviously, the title is designed only to tease you (and give Mike a hard time). Mike had nothing to do with this post. I’m sorry. He may (eventually) write something on here, but that day is not today. His topic will not likely be anything […]

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

No doubt my weather transition blues are made worse by the very erratic nature which leads to the Germans’ response to comments about the weather: “Just wait until tomorrow.” Today’s high temperature? 21C (almost 70 Fahrenheit)! Crazy weather indeed. Now that my weather blues have passed, I’d like to get back to the wonderful weekend […]

The Sun Will Come Out… Tomorrow!

Now that we are all singing along, let me please wish you a very happy Monday! This post is not about musicals, or the weather, but instead, is another post about what a difference a week makes. Last Monday, I felt rather gloomy and more than a little sad being so far away from everyone […]