Hooray! Mike Wrote a Blog Post. It’s Called: “A Look at Fashion in Europe”

European trends per moi
Obviously, the title is designed only to tease you (and give Mike a hard time). Mike had nothing to do with this post. I’m sorry. He may (eventually) write something on here, but that day is not today. His topic will not likely be anything to do with fashion; I hope that this does not come as a disappointment. If it does, you probably need therapy. Give me a call…
Several of you have asked me for updates on the fashion scene in Germany. I’m not sure (at all) that the zeitgeist in Aschaffenburg should be taken as representative for the whole of Europe (by any means), but… there are a few things I’ve noticed. (So as not to lose my male readership forever, I promise to follow this up with more WWII history in the very near future. You may now be excused.)
1. Legwear: If women aren’t wearing skinny jeans, they pretty much are universally wearing really interesting tights. I’m inspired! I will also admit that I arrived with a growing love of tights, so I may be selectively confirming a pre-existing bias in my observation, but…
2. The very first thing I noticed (nearly upon exiting the airplane, in fact) is that people are very proud of their eyewear fashions. I have seen very few un-trendy looking frames. (I also notice, as we are here for a contact lens manufacturing gig, that there aren’t so many people in these parts wearing contacts. Marketing opportunity, dear sales folks! (I jest; Mike does not hold the sales force in incredibly high regard, so I’m assuming that this is an example of their relative incompetence. Anything can be taken as evidence for one’s preconceived notions, folks, anything…; also, if you are a sales person for a certain contact lens making company, I am sure that you are the exception to Mike’s opinion. There are, after all, exceptions to every rule!)
3. Boots. Seriously. If you aren’t wearing boots in this zip code, I’m going to wonder what decade you fell out of. Although my boot wardrobe is probably sufficient (at least per Mike’s definition), it is certainly NOT idea. (Again, exaggerating for effect; there are many wonderful examples of flat shoes as well. However, I read recently that the stiletto is making a comeback; I can say definitively that this trend is NOT alive and well in Aschaffenburg, nor do I expect that it ever will be. See also:  excessive walking, cobblestones, and freezing temperatures.)
4. Leg and Arm Warmers. No, I really wasn’t familiar with the fashion trend for arm warmers either. I have seen (and used) them in the context of distance running, but never as a fashion piece. Whether out of necessity or trend, scarf-like devices for both the arms and legs are popular in these parts. I felt it too much to put leg warmers and boots in the same image, but… I’ve seen it done. And I’m not saying that I won’t do it, either. In terms of fashion, I am not incredibly pro-leg-warmer, but… a girl has to do what a girl has to do…
5. Hats. Although sometimes scarves are used around the whole head, hats are both useful and fashionable, based on my impression. Never loud or over the top, hats are accents, sometimes with a little pop of color (hallelujah, either neon never made it big here or it has already passed (kind of like a kidney stone, in my opinion, painful, but then you get through it and move on with your life)! I tried to go with the trend, but… neon is not this fair-skinned red-head’s friend…).
6. Sweater dresses. Never have I seen so many lovely sweaters of all lengths! 🙂 I’m such a happy camper… (I will add, however, that I saw one today that came considerably below my knee; I will stop short of endorsing a maxi-sweater-dress. In case you were wondering…)
7. Scarves:  Everywhere. Ubiquitous. Pervasive. Omnipresent. Universal. I really need to go shopping.
8. Coats/Capes. I haven’t seen a decent looking cape in the US in some time. It’s because they are keeping all the good ones over in Europe! (as a side note, I even saw an electric cape at the store last week; I felt like I needed one. Doesn’t that sound cozy? Just thinking about it makes me want it more…) Aside from the good-looking capes, the thing I’ve noticed about the coats is that they are serious about their outerwear. With good reason, no doubt!
9. Jewelry. I honestly have not noticed any actually interesting jewelry. This is probably the case due to the extreme number of layers and clothes that people wear. I’ll keep looking. I made up jewelry trends for the above collage just because I wanted to.

4 thoughts on “Hooray! Mike Wrote a Blog Post. It’s Called: “A Look at Fashion in Europe”

  1. Okay. Everything on the list is something I adore. I may need to move to Germany. Eco-conscious, great fashion stuff, history, art, food, apple festivals…

    You can NEVER have too many boots. Just off the top of my head, I can think of 8 pairs of boots (not including hiking or snow) that are in a twenty-foot radius of me at this very moment. And I still want more. And tights!!! Are they reasonably priced over there?? If Chris comes to visit, you might have to make sure she takes in the selection of tights. She and I LOVE them. And US tights are never as good, it seems, as foreign tights.

    P.S. Mike, write that blog entry!

    • I keep encouraging him to sit down and write it (and I’ve told him that the jokes at his expense will continue until he does so), but… nothing yet…

      I am super impressed with your 8-boots-off-the-top-of-your-head! That’s awesome… my boots wardrobe leaves something to be desired – I can only think of 5 pairs total (including those still in the US)! So sad… I will definitely make sure that tights are a part of the sightseeing for Chris! 🙂 How fun to think of things to do when (if) she comes. They are pretty reasonable (I’ve seen numerous pair for less than 5 Euro, which means they are definitely less than $7, but probably even less than that; sometimes there will be a 2 or 3 pack for 10 Euro, too, so especially for the 3 pack deals, it is a very affordable pair of tights), although you can probably spend as much as you want to on them.

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