Are You One of ‘Them’??

Three questions to get us started here: Do you know anybody from Bielefeld? Have you ever been to Bielefeld? Do you know anybody who has ever been to Bielefeld? What’s that? No? Well, then… apparently you are NOT, in fact, one of them. I, however am. You see, Mike took a little solo adventure (supposedly) […]

It’s the Little Things

I imagine (probably rightly) that some of you may snicker (hopefully under your breath) with all of my whining about the weather. Believe me when I tell you that I’m ready to stop, too! However, this is the winter that just won’t quit. We were given a little taste of spring (she’s such a tease!) […]

The “Waaa-mbulance” has Left the Station

I’d like to announce that the week of no whining has commenced (with a nod to little Lily via Claire on “Modern Family” for today’s title)! Yep, happy Monday to you, too! What, might you ask, has provoked such an unheard-of week??!! The weather, of course. The whole week, with not even one single little […]

23 Days

Hello! Happy New Year! Do you want to guess what I did today? Go ahead, guess (I did several things, actually, so the odds aren’t totally against you!)! Yes, I did walk outside (without measurable discomfort) without a coat (and it has been days since I wore gloves), but that isn’t what I’m getting at. […]

The One About How Bon Jovi May Have Saved My Sister’s Life

Part 1:  Background At some point in most developing relationships, there will come a time when folks will ask each other about their respective families. If you and I have reached that point in our relationship, chances are good that you know that I have a younger sister, who, among other things, has a nearly […]

Frankfurt am Main: Our Adventure to the Big City

Frankfurt am Main is the “proper” name for what you and I call “Frankfurt,” which is the closest “big” city. It’s the 5th largest city in Germany, but is the banking capital of Europe, which accounts in some part for its reputation of being the New York City of Germany (although many would say Europe; […]

Bookended With Good Things (or, Why I Will NEVER, EVER do THAT again)

I’m looking forward to posting about our Frankfurt expedition, and had planned to go through the photographs for that yesterday. Instead, I… well… didn’t. I should also say that when reading this, there is going to come a time when you just KNOW what is going to happen, but I encourage you to read to […]