Things I Miss + Rome Days 2 and 3

Hi, Y’all! How is it going for you? I hope you are well and happy (bonus points if you are reading this while drinking hot chocolate or something along those lines)… Me, you ask? I am a-ok. Mike is traveling for work (he’s in Switzerland, calling it “work.” Rrriiiiggghhhhtttt. Whatever you say, sweetie), but I […]

What Makes a Holiday? + Darmstadt, revisited

I’m not sure that I can adequately describe my answer to this question. But… I can start to answer it. A holiday has to include a special breakfast, right? Or at least a breakfast that you might not ordinarily have on, say, a Thursday. And given that we spent last weekend traipsing around Belgium, thus […]

What You Need To Know… Plus Some of the Cool Street Art We’ve Seen

1. When traveling, roller bags are ALWAYS a good idea. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Having toted around a duffel bag on one shoulder and a computer/book bag on the other shoulder yesterday (up and down untold numbers of flights of stairs; funny thing: I had actually considered adding the concept of consistently working […]

A Second Look at Cultural Differences

Hello! Happy Thursday! Thursdays are my favorite days. The promise of a weekend is so close I can taste it! Today is going to be a day of fewer pictures, and on some of the things I’m going to say, you will be glad of this (and you may express your thanks in the comments […]

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

No doubt my weather transition blues are made worse by the very erratic nature which leads to the Germans’ response to comments about the weather: “Just wait until tomorrow.” Today’s high temperature? 21C (almost 70 Fahrenheit)! Crazy weather indeed. Now that my weather blues have passed, I’d like to get back to the wonderful weekend […]

A Day in the Life (of Moi) (alternative title, “Ladies Who Lunch”)

It is probably important to note the “This” in the title. I do not advertise to have the average experience. In fact, not many of my days seem similar enough to come up with an “average” day even for me! Today was a 4 pair of shoes kind of day. I wake up this morning, […]

Another Day, Another Market + Lessons in Manners/Customs Differences

While we were in Berlin, we got off the metro at the wrong station. This ended up being a fortunate mistake, as we found both a very tasty lunch and a lovely market at the Hackesche Höfe (Hackesche courtyard; just so you know, whenever I try to pronounce that in my head, I end up with […]

Adventures in Alternative Medicine… and some other stuff from Heidelberg

This story starts a long time ago. It was probably dark and stormy, too. It wasn’t at night, though. I was at school. For the purpose of your visualization, it was before I hit that awkward hair stage, and I was still cute (pig tails, all of my front teeth were visible, the lighting was… […]