Weekend Review: A Study in Contrasts

What a weekend! As the title suggests, we had a bit of a night and day kind of experience for the weekend taken as a whole. We had fantastic weather and beautiful fall vistas, as well as deeply felt disgust (and sadness, and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion just contemplating the conditions the prisoners there endured; not to mention the horror just in the fact of a human being doing any such thing to another, regardless of race, creed, or faith) when we visited Buchenwald, one of the largest concentration camps within Germany. We saw the stained glass windows of St. Stephan’s (Chagall’s work), and we saw pretty much all manner of graffiti.

It was a lot, and I’m not even going to try to cover it all here. I’m just giving you a few of the pictorial *highlights* of the weekend.

Can you believe this color and this light?! Pretty, right? It was right in front of the gate to the inmates’ camp at Buchenwald concentration camp. I thought it was a good metaphor… Or irony… Or maybe an ironic metaphor?

This is how they do fire hydrants in Wiesbaden, AKA the capital of Hesse (even though Frankfurt is bigger); AKA the command of the US Army Europe Command and Battle Center. I haven’t found an official reference for my next AKA, so I’m going to reference myself, and call it “The Paris of Germany.”

While visiting a beautiful church in Wiesbaden, Mike saw a replica of one of the bells in the carillon that had been serenading us. Yes, he rang the bell. Anyone surprised?

St. Stephan’s, in Mainz. Marc Chagall and one of his students have done the windows for this truly gorgeous church. A-mazing…

The World’s Largest Coo-koo Clock. Strangely, I was disappointed that it wasn’t bigger…

with some scaffolding as part of a preservation effort, this is the front side of the guard house / gate house at Buchenwald. The clock is set permanently to 3:15pm, the time of liberation on April 11, 1945.

I will do a more thorough accounting of these adventures in the next little bit, but I wanted to share a taste of what our weekend held! Guten Tag, y’all!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Review: A Study in Contrasts

  1. I remember having those same feelings when I visited a concentration camp a few years ago. It was so overwhelming and I just walked around crying. How beautiful that tree is in front of camp. Ironic metaphor for sure. Speaking of beauty… that stain glass window… sigh! Miss you!

    • Ugh! It is so hard, but I feel like it is so important. I want to never forget, but also not not forget. It is so complicated…

      The windows were the bomb! Seriously, they took my breath away. I can’t imagine having the opportunity to worship with that every week!

      I miss you too! I want to catch up with you! I’ll follow this with an email sometime in the next little bit (I know, I know, my life is so rough; I’m also busy planning our trip to Brussels…)

    • You could be jealous of the temperatures over the last weekend – it was in the high 60s. That’s what is going to make the coming days so, so, so rough… Ugh. So not ready for that…

  2. I almost missed this post! That first photo of the leaves and light is really gorgeous.

    Lol, I am also disappointed that the clock wasn’t bigger.

    I have to say that the clock on the gate house being set permanently to the time if liberation is so poignant and just…well, I can’t think of the words to describe how I feel about that, but it amazes me what people think of sometimes.

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