We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

No doubt my weather transition blues are made worse by the very erratic nature which leads to the Germans’ response to comments about the weather: “Just wait until tomorrow.” Today’s high temperature? 21C (almost 70 Fahrenheit)! Crazy weather indeed. Now that my weather blues have passed, I’d like to get back to the wonderful weekend past (have to finish that story before the next weekend is upon us!). Also, as an aside, I do not think it is overly ironic that the German word for weather is “wetter.”

My parents and sister are planning to visit us for Christmas (I suspect I could write thousands of words and still fail to fully convey my level of excitement about this!). My mother, being by far the biggest planner of the 3 of them (which really isn’t saying much) has begun to look at the various shelter options which may be available while they are here (we love each other a lot, and are smart enough to know that love may not be enough to survive 5 people (including my sister, who I will lovingly call out as a bathroom hog when it comes to bathing)) sharing a bathroom. The hotel I’m most familiar with has 17 pages of events in Aschaffenburg listed. Momma seemed shocked by the sheer volume of potential activities, but me? Not surprised at all. There is a festival Every.Single.Weekend! While we have not taken them all in, I would have to say that last weekend’s Apfel Festival was definitely my favorite of the “fall.”

I made this one black and white to set the scene: all of Aschaffenburg’s festivals take place on the Platz beside/behind the castle. It really does feel like we’ve arrived at this place that isn’t un-modern, but at the same time, feels like we must be in another time.

A lively jazz band greeted us and kept the beats moving!

One of several stands offering many varieties of Apple drinks. In addition to apple juice and apple cider, we also saw apple beer, apple wine, hot apple wine, and apple soda!

At this stand, they were making their own apple products (apple juice in several varieties) as well as apple jellies! The machine you see behind the people was pressing the apples and spitting out the good stuff…

They take this apple business seriously: This is one of the tasting & testing tents, where you ranked the apple varieties that competed.

As any good fall festival should, there was a roasting space. I never was exactly clear on what they were roasting (it wasn’t marshmallows!). It may have been just dough, it may have been dough wrapped around an apple or other food product, but it was definitely cute!

There were also demonstrations of various apple-related products, including this apple picker-upper! Nifty!

And no festival is complete without crafts…

Aschaffenburg’s Most Wanted! πŸ™‚

Of course, then you consider the competition:

I’m sorry, what?!?

Sweet Soul? Count me in! Seriously, we may go to this. I’ve got to know how sweet sweet soul sounds…

I also wanted to post one other picture from Darmstadt, the lovely city we visited for the dinner party. We parked the car, and began walking along their extensive pedestrian district and were quite surprised/confused/delighted/and something else, but I can’t think of the word by this:

The name of the shop is “Edward’s Scissorhands” (I think it’s a place for haircuts, thought I’m not 100% positive), and in their shop window, a band plays. As we turned onto the pedestrian avenue, they began Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long.” It was completely out of control! They had speakers outside, and there a pretty large crowd gathered to hear them! Several hours later, when we were walking back to the car, they were still playing!

In case you are curious about this weekend’s happenings, it includes but is not limited to: a night-time flea market and some kind of special event in which the shops are opened on Sundays. I’m sure there’s more, but we’ll have to figure that out as we go along…

2 thoughts on “We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. I love apple stuff. Especially in the fall. I think I would have gone broke at this festival- it looks amazing!!!

    lol, Edward Scizzorhands…even their logo is wonderful!

    • I laughed really loudly when I saw the Edward Scizzorhands sign – it was so unexpected in addition to being so funny! πŸ™‚ I’d never been to an apple festival before, although I understand that they do happen in the US. It was the right mix of crowdedness with calmness, and tastiness with craftiness. There were tons of people walking around at the festival and when we were walking back home carrying liters of juice/cider and bushels of apples. We just got a 3L container of juice (which was quickly consumed), but we could have gotten so much more. Our hosts from the dinner party the night before had given us a bunch of fresh picked apples, so we didn’t get any apples at the festival. 😦

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