Weather Alert

Hello. My name is Anne Marie, and I really don’t like cold weather. This morning, as I was going through my morning (don’t want to actually get out of the bed yet but am still very much awake) routine, I checked the weather. This is a regular part of my day. I check it several times each day, in fact. Some might say, how much could the weather possibly change? Or, can’t you just step outside/look outside and know what the weather is? I, however, really don’t like weather surprises. So I check (and I’ve already owned up to a few OCD tendencies; this is one of them. I’m ok with it) the weather.

It is a common German expression, when discussing the weather, to say, “yes, just wait until tomorrow.” Meaning, they don’t really expect for good weather to last, or so it was explained to me. Yesterday, I saw that the forecasted high was 9C, and I decided that that was too cold to go to the store. So, I did laundry! Can you believe it? I feel like God must have known that I needed some reinforcement on that front, because miraculously, there was already enough time put into the machine for 2 loads (that’s right, kids, 2 free loads of laundry!). As I was waiting on the 1st load to dry, the lady who cleans the apartments for the poor, helpless, single men (and I’m referring to Mike’s coworkers here) in the building offered to let me use her personal dryer (READ: FREE OF CHARGE)! Basically, this is the financial equivalent of finding a $10 bill in your pocket one day. The clothes dried successfully and without further incident. I’m not signing up to guarantee that I will continue to do the laundry, but… I’m not saying that I won’t, either!

Anyway, the laundry was a digression. The point is, it was too cold to go outside yesterday. I was distinctly under the impression (and not just from colloquial phraseology) that things would be better today. Can you imagine my reaction when I checked the weather this morning? 0 degrees, with an advisory for snow and ice? IT IS OCTOBER 16, people. There is no amount of gloves, hats, scarves, or even boots that make this ok. A hot chocolate would help, but it is NOT OK. I am from Georgia, and I don’t do winter in October. And I’m sure not going to like it! (I do find the warning and advisories here amusing, though. Here are the warnings from this morning: “Possible disruption due to extremely cold temperatures.” And, “Possible disruption due to snow and ice.”) Given that the stores are universally closed here on Sundays, and we were traveling all about on Saturday, this means that there have been no groceries since Friday. Not a travesty in some parts of the world (I’m glaring at you, my US friends, with your big, fancy refrigerators, and your things that last more than 2-3 days; our refrigerator is no wider (and may be narrower) than a single cabinet, and is probably less than 4 feet tall. And a pepper that I bought on Friday has gone bad. While the produce is much fresher, less expensive, and probably less chemically laden, it does go bad rather quickly.), it is practically unheard of here. I suspect that it isn’t uncommon to shop daily. At least for bread, I am certain that it is true.

So… today I give you this retrospective in pictures. It is the story of how quickly fall comes and goes.

The tree behind our building, about 1 week after we’d arrived (15 September). Already in all of its fall colors!

A sign of the times, people. Winter is upon us… (photo taken 15 October)

16 thoughts on “Weather Alert

  1. I love reading your posts. Takes me away from mundane mom life. Keep the posts coming : )

  2. Oh, Sweetie. It’s going to get worse. Oh, so much worse. I have never in my life worn hats and long underwear on a regular basis like I did when I lived in Strasbourg. And I was still cold. Miserably cold. And wet. It rained every day. Every. Damn. Day. And it was windy. Invest in good sturdy snow boots–look for warmth, not style– and a good wool hat. And a long, warm scarf. And ditch your American sensibilities and wear your clothes multiple times before washing them. You can wash dry them on a radiator if you have one. Good luck, and think warm thoughts!!!

    • I know, i know. Sigh. I learned yesterday that the German word for weather is “wetter!” Today’s weather forecast calls for at least the 100th “Possible disruption due to wind in Bayern” since we’ve been here. Sigh. We do have a radiator, so I will definitely be taking advantage of that (I’m also trying to think of it as a built-in towel warmer)!

    • I don’t think I ever knew the joy of a youth group ski trip, actually. And I’m sure that in the moment, the ski trip would have at least had the advantage of knowing that it was mere days before relief was in sight… I’m trying to be brave, though, I promise!

  3. You do have heat now, don’t you? And gloves, and hats, and scarves, and boots, and . . . Should we send your long johns from your skiing days?

  4. yes, but look at the lovely color on the tree to the right…it must be hanging in there just for you! BTW, you did get a winter coat, no? sox help, too. love you, Rita & Jim

    • I’m going for the layered approach with foot-wear: tights, socks, socks, and boots! I do have a winter coat now (in Georgia, we’d call it a ski coat!), but there is something about knowing how cold it is outside that just makes me not want to go! In the game of mind over matter, my mind is winning! I’m going to try to think more positively about it, though. Otherwise, this is going to be a looooooonnnnngggg winter!

  5. Okay, it is decided—I could not live there. I LOVE fall…I can’t handle skipping it and going straight to winter. Hang in there and drink cup of cocoa for me.

  6. I must admit, I love fall and winter (MI has been known to get snow at really odd times…)! I didn’t think I would miss it when I went to Seattle, but I did. I really did. I’m really enjoying the cool, brisk autumn here. And looking forward to snow! And playing in it!

    Woohoo for free laundry!

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