About Mike and AM

Thanks for stopping by this blog!

We are Mike (obviously) and Anne Marie (AM), living in Germany for a stint associated with Mike’s work (engineers have all the fun). We moved to Aschaffenburg, Germany (near Frankfurt) from Atlanta, Georgia (where Anne Marie was born and raised, so the southern-isms are pure AM).

We arrived on a one-way ticket with what we hope are open minds and an adventurous spirit. We are new to the ex-pat world, so if this reads with a certain naiveté, its well-earned. We were kind of hoping that may make it more fun to record our adventures, actually, so that we can look back at what was foreign to us or different after we’ve earned our (German) stripes. In the meantime, though, we’ll just be finding our way and doing our darnedest not to be tacky tourists. 🙂

Anne Marie certainly enjoys a good story, so most of the words will come from that perspective, while Mike is more of a get-t0-the-point-kind of guy. We are also hoping that the pictures will speak louder than our ignorance, so look forward to an interesting snapshot of German (and beyond, as we travel around Europe JUST BECAUSE WE CAN!!) life.

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