True Story (ies)

I actually have two true stories for you today: 1 is a sad, but true tale of the state of my brain, the other is a wee anecdote that may bring a smile to your face, or at least cause a raised eyebrow (of the they-are-so-weird-it-is-lucky-for-them-that-they-found-each-other variety). I always like to end on the happier […]

Are You One of ‘Them’??

Three questions to get us started here: Do you know anybody from Bielefeld? Have you ever been to Bielefeld? Do you know anybody who has ever been to Bielefeld? What’s that? No? Well, then… apparently you are NOT, in fact, one of them. I, however am. You see, Mike took a little solo adventure (supposedly) […]

It’s the Little Things

I imagine (probably rightly) that some of you may snicker (hopefully under your breath) with all of my whining about the weather. Believe me when I tell you that I’m ready to stop, too! However, this is the winter that just won’t quit. We were given a little taste of spring (she’s such a tease!) […]

A Different Side of France and a BIG Surprise from Germany

Mike will likely not completely endorse my verbiage here, but I will stand behind it (and he is out-of-town in Ludwigsburg, so he isn’t here to argue!). He’s had a bee in his bonnet to go see Verdun for quite some time now, and we finally got to scratch that itch! We travelled to Saarbr├╝cken […]