Heidleberg: It’s Where All the Cool Kids Go

We went to Heidleberg on our German Unity Day adventure, and it was positively fabulous. I can totally understand why it is such a popular place for tourists to go, and I can also understand why so many Americans living in Germany (even if they aren’t in the military) choose to live there. I’ll be […]

A Tale of 2 Cities: Our First Taste of Berlin

Mike and I recently celebrated our one-year anniversary! Woohoo! 🙂 I vacillate between thinking, “woah! That was fast!” And, “how on Earth has it only been a year? I feel like I’ve known him forever! I can’t remember what it was like without him!” Just before our anniversary, we got our go-date for moving to […]

Bookended With Good Things (or, Why I Will NEVER, EVER do THAT again)

I’m looking forward to posting about our Frankfurt expedition, and had planned to go through the photographs for that yesterday. Instead, I… well… didn’t. I should also say that when reading this, there is going to come a time when you just KNOW what is going to happen, but I encourage you to read to […]

Fork Trucks+Beer+More Old Town Adventures=Happy Saturday

The excitement truly was in the air days before the Stapler Cup (the link is all in German, but if you open in Google Chrome, you can easily translate it), aka “fork lift festival” actually opened for the public. A whole week before the festivities, they were laying the groundwork, in fact. Right in the […]