A Christmas Carol

There are plans, and then there are PLANS. Our Christmas plans fell into the latter category. One of our first learning experiences about Germany was that they do Christmas in a bigger way than even we holiday-frenzied Americans were used to. The exact phrase that has been used to describe it is “Christmas on steroids.” […]

The Mayans May Be Right, Y’all… (My Dreams Came True, Part 1)

I’m not one to subscribe to much of that sort of ballyhooed, fatalist rigamarole, you know. Not about the end of the world, or zombies, for that matter. But… this morning, I woke up, and I realized that my own little corner of dreamland is over and I thought, “well, I guess this is it, […]


Last weekend, we went to Nuremberg. Nuremberg is famous for several reasons: the city was the “unofficial capital” of the Holy Roman Empire, as the Reichestage and courts met there; it was the center of the German renaissance in the 15th-16th centuries, the Nuremberg rallies of the Nazis, the Nuremberg laws were (obviously) passed here […]

Double 0-Who? + Updates

I am not a great movie watcher, by any means. I tend to judge movies based as much on their length (my enjoyment is directly inverse to the length) as much as by their content. I don’t like scary movies, and if a lot of people die in a movie, it probably isn’t for me. […]

Wiesbaden and Mainz: A Tale of Two Cities

I get rivalries. I really do. I grew up deep in Bulldawg territory, and I feel like I fully understand the relationship between UGA and Georgia Tech. I also understand arch-rivalries (at least to some extent). Again, I grew up deep in Bulldawg territory, and it is in my blood to be a Gator Hater […]

Weekend Review: A Study in Contrasts

What a weekend! As the title suggests, we had a bit of a night and day kind of experience for the weekend taken as a whole. We had fantastic weather and beautiful fall vistas, as well as deeply felt disgust (and sadness, and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion just contemplating the conditions the prisoners there […]

The Sun Will Come Out… Tomorrow!

Now that we are all singing along, let me please wish you a very happy Monday! This post is not about musicals, or the weather, but instead, is another post about what a difference a week makes. Last Monday, I felt rather gloomy and more than a little sad being so far away from everyone […]

A Day in the Life (of Moi) (alternative title, “Ladies Who Lunch”)

It is probably important to note the “This” in the title. I do not advertise to have the average experience. In fact, not many of my days seem similar enough to come up with an “average” day even for me! Today was a 4 pair of shoes kind of day. I wake up this morning, […]

Another Day, Another Market + Lessons in Manners/Customs Differences

While we were in Berlin, we got off the metro at the wrong station. This ended up being a fortunate mistake, as we found both a very tasty lunch and a lovely market at the¬†Hackesche H√∂fe (Hackesche courtyard; just so you know, whenever I try to pronounce that in my head, I end up with […]

Adventures in Alternative Medicine… and some other stuff from Heidelberg

This story starts a long time ago. It was probably dark and stormy, too. It wasn’t at night, though. I was at school. For the purpose of your visualization, it was before I hit that awkward hair stage, and I was still cute (pig tails, all of my front teeth were visible, the lighting was… […]