Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I was the first person off the plane in Atlanta and the first person off the plane in Frankfurt. For very different reasons, I assure you (one borne of the urgency for things to be ok and one of convenience), but nonetheless, I think that being the first person on an escalator or in a […]

A Christmas Carol

There are plans, and then there are PLANS. Our Christmas plans fell into the latter category. One of our first learning experiences about Germany was that they do Christmas in a bigger way than even we holiday-frenzied Americans were used to. The exact phrase that has been used to describe it is “Christmas on steroids.” […]

What Makes a Holiday? + Darmstadt, revisited

I’m not sure that I can adequately describe my answer to this question. But… I can start to answer it. A holiday has to include a special breakfast, right? Or at least a breakfast that you might not ordinarily have on, say, a Thursday. And given that we spent last weekend traipsing around Belgium, thus […]

A Day in the Life (of Moi) (alternative title, “Ladies Who Lunch”)

It is probably important to note the “This” in the title. I do not advertise to have the average experience. In fact, not many of my days seem similar enough to come up with an “average” day even for me! Today was a 4 pair of shoes kind of day. I wake up this morning, […]

Fork Trucks+Beer+More Old Town Adventures=Happy Saturday

The excitement truly was in the air days before the Stapler Cup (the link is all in German, but if you open in Google Chrome, you can easily translate it), aka “fork lift festival” actually opened for the public. A whole week before the festivities, they were laying the groundwork, in fact. Right in the […]