The Story of How I Coughed My Way Out of a Ticket, and a Roma Preview

As I pointed out in my last post, Mike was pretty darn sick when we returned from our grand trip. In fact, he is still lounging on the couch as I write (although he is feeling much better). I suppose it was bound to happen that I, too, would fall prey to the nasty bacteria that felled him, but I refused to buy into this inevitability. Unfortunately, all the oil-pulling (I’m telling you, I was really desperate to not get sick), Sudafed-popping, Rote-Lampe-ing, apple cider shooting, and hand washing I did failed me. So sad. My paranoia that I was getting sick led me to go to the doctor that Mike went to in order to get something a little more scientific than all of my symptom management techniques. I think that Mike had started to feel a little stir-crazy, because he offered to drive me. Last time, I drove him and parked in the first spot I saw and that was that. This time, there wasn’t a spot directly in front (as there was last time, and Mike had to push a trash can out-of-the-way to enter the spot. Upon doing that, we noted that there was an Automat, as in you pay for your parking. So… Mike dropped me off to run in to make an appointment, and turned around. The very kind receptionist asked me if I would like to see the doctor right away… YES. Not only did she arrange for me to see the doctor so quickly, she remembered that I was with Mike and remembered his name without any prompting from me! I was super impressed. It’s not like they aren’t busy – they really are. In both visits, I never saw fewer than 2 people in the waiting room, and there were as many as 8. For a 1 doctor show! I ran back out to tell Mike, and forgot about the fact that he still didn’t have any coins for the Automat. He parked the car, nonetheless, and came inside and waited with me.

The doctor saw me rather promptly, and I was surprised to find that he was almost un-German in his manner. He was warm, open, inquisitive, friendly, chatty, and downright happy from the get-go! (I’m not saying that Germans aren’t all of those things, in general, but you have to stick around for a long time before you get to that place of easy camaraderie, for the most part, and this doctor lead with it!). My friends have had less than astounding experiences with the doctors they have seen, so this was all the more amazing. He noted my cough (which sounds a wee bit like the Loch Ness Monster is trapped inside my lungs), the length of time I’ve been battling this sinus headache (pretty much since we got to Germany), the fact that my husband was darn near deathly ill, and wasted no time in recommending antibiotics. (I’ll be honest, as I write this, I regret not asking him for some pain meds because my throat hurts so bad, but at the time, I was grateful.)

After walking me back to the waiting room, and greeting Mike like a long-lost friend, we were off. As we turned towards the car, we both saw the police officer standing in front of our car writing the ticket. I confirmed my suspicion with Mike, and Mike, as he is prone to do, stepped towards the police officer and was essentially admitting that he knew better than to park there without paying when I saw my opening. I began to cough. If you heard the Loch Ness Monster trying to get out of a petite, red-haired lady, I dare to venture that you would have done the same thing that the police officer did. He shook his head no, and waved his hand across the whole scene, muttered something to Mike about next time and got the H-E-double hockey sticks out of there. When we got in the car, I told Mike that I’d gambled that it would work (in spite of the pain coughing causes me), and he giggled like a school boy. Mike is 100%of the school that if you do something wrong, you deserve to get the consequence. He would never think of arguing or pleading or anything else to get out of a ticket. I agree in heart and mind with this school of thinking (and I love that about him), but I am not above pity. 🙂

Warning: The next paragraph may contain TMI for some of you. I’m warning you so that you can scroll ahead if you want to.

So… I’ve gone from the I-Might-Be-Getting-Sick stage to the full-blown pathetic, myself. I woke up in the night because my nose had run onto my chest and arm. In case you are wondering, that is nasty beyond my capacity to capture in words (and I will not document my own illness in photos; I am not THAT sick). And the only Kleenex we have in the house is actually worse than our TP, so my nose is sore and red (in keeping with the season, I suppose that means I’m beginning to look like Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer who has the Loch Ness monster trapped inside. I’m feverish, and when I take an Advil, my body rebels and my fever goes up. However, a spoonful of honey does seem to make my throat feel better…

Note: This marks the end of the TMI section. Although I am treating you all like good friends, I do understand if you preferred not to read the above.

Sadly, I fear that our weekend plans are for naught. We were planning to meet up with some friends I know from the US, who are currently in England, in Cologne (Köln here; I love it when words become shorter in other languages) for the beginning of the Christmas market season. Big fat boo on sickness. Also, big fat boo on booking a hotel with a no-cancellation policy! I doubt I’ll ever go for that again…

As I pout about missing what is sure to be a wonderful kick-off to the Advent season, I will, instead, reflect back to my days in warm, sunny Roma. Please enjoy the following pictures (completely unedited) as a preview of coming attractions:


2 thoughts on “The Story of How I Coughed My Way Out of a Ticket, and a Roma Preview

  1. Honey is a natural antiseptic and it also coats and soothes the throat. Try mixing it with lemon juice and hot water or tea and your throat will feel even better. Hope you get well very soon!

  2. So I totally thought the coughing would have been spontaneous and real. I had no idea that you were that devious! Good on you! When I was in France, we all got a kick out of how the med names were very descriptive. One of us had Exo-Muc, and the other had Flem-a-Cil. Disgusting! But definitely take advantage of the Christmas markets. Strasbourg had a beautiful and very large one. I hope you feel better soon! My hubby has the same crud right now, and I’m desperate not to get it.

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