A Few More Images from Darmstadt

I kind of feel like Darmstadt has been strewn throughout too many posts to organize a cohesive imagination of what it might be like to someone who has not visited. Or, maybe that is exactly what Darmstadt is like: multi-faceted and different with each turn… In any case, here are some more pictures from our All-Saints Day day-trip there.

A fountain in the Mathildinhöhe garden. It was very relaxing in this area, and the number of fountains sure helped that. This one was calibrated on an almost metronome-like rhythm, with the water marking time swinging from one side to the other of each basin.

The throne of the garden. All around the garden were artistic designs on everyday objects: chairs, tables, lamps, lanterns, tiles, everything!

A building in the Künstlerkolonie, the area built by artists to showcase the integration of art into living space and work space. This particular one is Haus Dieters, and it is now a gallery in it’s own right.

I loved how triumphant this figure is, against the fall colors and light… It’s kind of too bad it also makes me think of Vanna White. Oh well.

Mike, imitating the statue of the man walking the roof ridge on the museum… Art imitating life, or life imitating art… You be the judge… 🙂

One of the most famous buildings in the Jugendstihl area, the Wedding Tower. The tower was a wedding gift to the Duke, Ernst Ludwig, from the town.

This is the Ernst Ludwig House. Originally, it was intended to be a “Temple of the Arts,” and is now a museum for Art nouveau exhibitions.

It is really impossible to capture this little church accurately in words or pictures…

Does it ever happen to anyone else that you just can’t find the rest of your pictures? I know that they are all right there, in fact, I was just looking at them when I loaded the above pictures, but now… the rest are hiding. Perhaps I should just take a clue and end right there… Or perhaps, I should share another picture of my cat. 🙂 All of the sudden, I couldn’t find the rest of my Darmstadt pictures, but I could find all kinds of pictures of Kramer. He’s been on my mind today… I went to the store earlier with a friend here, and I saw that they were selling Advent Calendars for the Katze! 🙂 How awesome is that? I figured that Kramer tends to be rather particular about what he should and shouldn’t eat, so I didn’t purchase it for him, but I wanted to share that it was there, so that his people looking after him (my parents) could show him that I’m thinking about him (not that he would necessarily care, but…).

Kramer, like the Jugenstihl, is definitely in the young style, and is the perfect embodiment of life, art, and work. Just ask him. He is happy to share his wisdom.

I don’t know how I’ve missed this in the past…

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