Big Day Here in the ‘Burg

Was ist “die Burg?” Aschaffenburg!!

I made a little trip to the Edeka, hoping to make use of the excessive change we have accumulated while procuring the necessary ingredients for what has been missing in these parts (cupcakes). I tend to be easily distractible in the grocery store (and I do love grocery shopping), so wandering amidst aisles I have no intention of actually getting anything in is not incredibly unusual. While in one of these aisles (the candy aisle, if you have to know), I listened in on a conversation between what appeared to be an adult child with her mother. DID YOU CATCH THAT?!? I LISTENED IN ON A CONVERSATION! IN GERMAN!! AND I UNDERSTOOD EACH AND EVERY WORD!! I stopped myself before I gave them both hugs (this isn’t a very physical culture, so besides the fact that I’ve never laid eyes on either one of them, that would have been very unusual and probably would have made everyone uncomfortable, and possibly could have gotten me arrested or something), but can you imagine my excitement?!? I’m still glowing! I know… it is the little things, eh? 🙂

That’s me, minus the bassett-like face… All ears!

Not to mention that I now have ALL of the ingredients necessary to make pumpkin cupcakes! 🙂 The last to arrive in our little apartment was the vanilla. I’ve heard mixed things about the vanilla here. One of the ladies in the group here at the apartment building thinks that the vanilla here is the bomb! She’s adding it to everything: french toast, tea, coffee, probably even her lasagna (I don’t know that for a fact, however..). On the other hand, I’ve heard that vanilla here just isn’t the same and if I care about vanilla or baked goods, I should probably import it from the U.S. (strong opinion, indeed…). Well… I decided to “buy local.” They call it vanilla “aroma,” rather than “extract.” I feel like that is probably the gist of the difference. I also had the choice between buying it in very small packets vs. very small bottles. I opted for the bottle (ever the optimist, I am!).


“America’s Favorite Pumpkin”: After looking high and low and most other places in between, I’m fairly convinced that this is the primary canned pumpkin globally, not that most people outside the US care about pumpkin one way or the other, especially in cans.


Vanille Aroma


The finished product! Not the most beautiful cupcakes I’ve ever made, but they sure are tasty! 🙂 FYI: if you don’t have a mixer, icing is hard work! And… can you believe that the recipe produced exactly 12 cupcakes? I have never, ever had that happen!

Wishing you a very happy Thursday, from our delicious-smelling home to your’s!

6 thoughts on “Big Day Here in the ‘Burg

  1. Hey, you German near-native! The cupcakes look very much like what I took to the WIC meeting on Monday.

  2. So maybe I’m the only one dying to know, but… What were they talking about!? The adult lady and her mom, I mean. And yay for pumpkin! And double yay for pumpkin cupcakes!!

    • I forgot to put that in the blog, but I added it as a comment on my facebook link, as it appears that the majority of folks who read the blog connect via Facebook. They were discussing the different types and brands of chocolate, discussing the differences in taste, quality, and price. 🙂

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