A Day in the Life (of Moi) (alternative title, “Ladies Who Lunch”)

It is probably important to note the “This” in the title. I do not advertise to have the average experience. In fact, not many of my days seem similar enough to come up with an “average” day even for me! Today was a 4 pair of shoes kind of day.

I wake up this morning, not especially well-rested. So goes it. But, I wasn’t feeling like death warmed up, either, so I’ll take it. I grabbed my phone, connected to wifi, and caught up on the overnight. I was seriously hoping for some news in the way of a dear friend’s impending labor, but alas, there was no news (and this is NOT a case of no news is good news; this baby needs to break on through to the other side! prayers are welcomed). So… I go through the emails, the Facebook, the Pinterest, the Instagrams, the weather forecast, etc. and then begin the (hallelujah-amen-God has heard my prayer and answered it) Rote Lampe (pronounced rota-lampa; all nouns are always capitalized in German) process on my face. Qu’est-ce que c’est, you ask? (no, the German classes have not turned me into a fluent speaker as yet, but be patient people, we are only 1 week in!). Another wonderful recommendation from my dear (and after this recommendation, I really am feeling downright affectionate towards him) chiropractor! Upon hearing that I’d been having sinus issues (as have all of the American women in the apartment building, interestingly enough), he recommended that I get a rote lampe (red light). We went shopping, and found something even better! A rote lampe with a built-in massager! Yes, yes I will take one of those! So basically, I rub it all over my face (he said to do it at night, but I think that if a little is good, a lot would be even better, so I do it at morning and at night!) for about 10 minutes (really, I start to get bored, so it is probably just 5-8 minutes) and voila (like I said, the German language is slow going)! I feel good to-go all day! THE BEST 22€ EVER SPENT! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, only it wasn’t really a gift.

oh rote lampe-like machine, where have you been all my life? I promise, I will never, ever leave you!

So… no, I don’t get out of bed for a good 45 minutes after waking up. I’m ok with that. I get a lot done/I feel like I’m easing into the day in a way that both doesn’t freeze me to death and I feel caught up with what is happening in the world) and I am warm and toasty the whole time. It makes me happy. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

Then it’s a shower, eat, go for a little walk… normal morning routine kind of thing, and I start getting knocks at the door. My next door neighbor wants to go out to lunch. I coordinate a bit, and we have a plan! Hooray! I edited some photographs for an upcoming blog post (ooooohhhh, aren’t you curious), and just like that, it was lunch time. Time gets away from me every single day! Then the neighbor comes back, laughing so hard I can’t understand what she is saying for a minute. I gradually begin to hear the words “Jane, Fonda, leotard, class” and eventually work out that she has just been to a class at the gym put on by the German equivalent of Jane Fonda… apparently you had to be there. Anyway… people dying of laughter is always a good enough reason to laugh along with them, so…

Shoe #1 of the day, Miz Mooz. I always feel more efficient in these. (I’m wearing a very golden-orange tights, fyi, that’s why my legs look kind of weird…)

Feeling like Ladies Who Lunch need a little more sass, I opted for the boots for our trek into town (same tights)…

We went to the best kind of lunch place on a cold day I can imagine – a soup kitchen! I was most undecided, but elected the (always tasty, never disappointing) tomato-basil… happiness in a bowl. A really big bowl.

Tomaten-Basilikum-Suppe, Brot, und Mineralwasser. Perfection, mid-day style.

Cafe in Aschaffenburg, sparkly chandelier and all!

Over my shoulder, mirror mirror, on the wall… and coffee, served HOT! (I’m sure that coffee lovers everywhere are rejoicing… finally, a place that serves hot coffee…)

Soup chef, mingling with his adoring public

After a very tasty and enjoyable lunch, I came back to the apartment and felt focused, productive, even! Hooray! Chili started, pictures organized, research completed (that’s a subject for another day). Time to make the donuts. I lie. It was time to go get my electronic ID card/resident visa at the Rathaus (I still giggle at the name; I can’t help it; coincidentally, it is also the same place where one goes to pick up the special trash bags used for paper-related waste). And I found Solitaire on my phone! And I saw someone I knew who wasn’t related to Mike’s work! Wonders never cease… I also saw a (very large) group on a Segue tour of Aschaffenburg. I will not and do not understand how a town can be large enough to warrant a Segue tour that is not large enough to warrant a Starbucks, but I digress.

Surely, people who work at a place called the Rathaus need some sparkles…

Mike surprised me by picking me up, and home we came. I decided that our chili was short on spices, so I walked back to the grocery store (note, 4th pair of shoes for the day). Along the way, I felt the familiar urge to indulge in some OCD behavior (it’s ok, I know what it is, therefore it isn’t a problem, right? denial at it’s finest…) and do a random(ish) sample of cars at an intersection in Aschaffenburg and compare it to a random(ish) sample of cars in Atlanta (really, I do know that this is odd; I accept it – even embrace it!) for cell phone use. (please note, also that the county I live in within Atlanta has banned the use of cell phones while driving; please also note that I have completed this sampling procedure on several occasions owing to the fact that I often find myself walking around in a city in which most people drive). In Atlanta, 20 cars go through an intersection. 16 of them are using their cell phones in some capacity (right, I know, they are all using the GPS function, right?). In Aschaffenburg, 20 cars go through an intersection. None, no not one, is using their cell phones. Weird, huh? (I’m not talking about the fact that I regularly count cars and behaviors, I’m talking about the actual behavior!)

And the previously photographed Cons, with the same tights, for the run to Edeka. And the OCD-ish road sampling.

I thought that I would add in a little extra flavor of German culture. I’m used to the sales tactics that entice shoppers with the sweets in the check-out aisle… I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around beer as the temptation – right there across from the Hubba Bubba! And I felt like this was a particularly interesting selection, including AC/DC beer (“German Beer, Australian Hardrock” with a tagline like that, who could resist?)… Very interesting.

Anyway… home again, home agin: CHILI! Culinary success! It really and truly tastes like chili I would make at home! Maybe not exactly as hot, but it has a similar flavor profile! Woo hoo! What do you think? Shall I work on cornbread, as well? I know, right? I should just be happy with my current victory… But, it would be better with cornbread, don’tchathink? So… now I sit here and listen to some classic Corrine Bailey Rae/Cowboy Junkies/Cure while debating… do I turn the tv on? Is it a German Wife Swap kind of night? (I actually haven’t ever watched this lovely program, but I hear about it on a near daily basis… please see also the portion of the post on customs differences where I discuss the German cultural comfort with nudity..) No, no it isn’t  that kind of night at all…

Black and white chili, complete with chilipulver, cayenne pepper, cumin, et. al. It was tasty! 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Day in the Life (of Moi) (alternative title, “Ladies Who Lunch”)

  1. Your soup looks absolutely amazing! I love a good tomato basil myself and that picture stirred my taste buds! The black and sparkly shoes make your feet look SO tiny! Not that they don’t look super cute in every pair of shoes, but my goodness. And my feet used to be that small? … Again with another reason to have this baby join us sooner than later. I have shoes to wear, dude! What’s that grapefruit stuff y’all are drinking? It looks yummy. And the chili looks perfect! Way to go!!!

    • It was really, really good. And super filling… My shoes. Oh how I love my shoes. Tiny feet and all. 🙂 Your feet need to have the baby! Your emotions need to have this baby! Come on baby G!!!

      The grapefruit stuff is actually beer! Grapefruit beer! AND… it is good!

      Hearing about your chili made me want it, so I had to make it!

  2. The light thing interests me, and my favorite shoes of the day are the sparlkly ones, but I’m sure you could have guessed that. 😉
    You make me smile everyday.

    • The light is the bomb!! I really can’t even tell you how much it has helped me! 🙂 I thought that shoes needed a little bit more of a spotlight here, but would you believe that I changed shoes each time without even thinking about showing them off? I went back and took pictures of each pair once I realized how me it was to have changed shoes 4 times in 1 day! 🙂 The sparkly pair are pretty awesome…

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  4. Wow, no drivers used their phones? That’s pretty amazing. I used to check/send the periodic text message, but a friend (lives near Atlanta, actually) was in a wreck a year ago where the other driver (a young boy) was texting on his phone and ran a stop sign or light or something. Her legs were crushed and they thought she’d never walk again. I’m happy to report that she is walking (with a cane, but still!) and although she may never ride horses competitively again (she was an equestrian- is that the right word??) she has become a great advocate for not using the phone while driving. So your OCD behavior (we all have them, I’m sure) has resulted in a very interesting fact.

    Love the shoe changes!!! And the soup and chili look delish. Go the whole mile- cornbread ahoy!

    • I’ll let you know how the cornbread thing goes. I’m certain there will be some trial and error before we arrive at edibility…

      I am so glad to hear that your friend is more ok than not (although I am sorry to hear about her forced equestrian (that is the right word) retirement). Those kinds of stories grip my gut in this dual: I am so glad that I’ve never caused anything like that with all of my cell-phone use in the car (even though I intend to not use it, sometimes my impatience inappropriately takes over) vs. That little punk on his phone should spend some time in her shoes (even though I am so busy feeling fortunate that nothing like that has ever happened to me). I have only done one “sample” here, but the results were pretty stark.

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