Laundry, part 2

*warning: this post contains few pictures of life in Germany; if you want nifty pictures of lovely sights, please see most of the previous posts.

*warning 2: this post is a little whiney-er than most other posts. I don’t feel good, and I’m tired, and I’m a little bit lonely. I just wanted to give you an out before you got too far into it in case this isn’t the sort of thing you want to read right now. Please come back soon. I promise to be more cheerful later…

We’ve now been out of Atlanta for four weeks. And I was cold today. Like in my bones, the kind of cold that just makes you tired (I’m going to give insomnia a pass on this one, I think that the cold alone would have made me tired, even if I had slept most of any night in the last week, which I haven’t). The kind of cold that you need a hot chocolate for… And I miss my cat. I can talk to and email with and Facebook with (that’s right, in this post, I’m even giving myself a pass to verb nouns!) and even see a lot of people through Magic Jack (we, meaning I, figured out this week that Google voice charges for long-distance on international calls, but I got a handy-dandy Magic Jack app on my phone that allows for free, unlimited calls to the US and Canada; so… if you are resistant to using Apple’s technology wunderkind “FaceTime,” hit me up to call you on Magic Jack!; the Google voice number works for text messages, though, so it is good for something) and FaceTime and whatnot, but Kramer’s magic is in holding him, having lap time with him. That just doesn’t translate well into the available technology.

Kramer, while at the beach. He loved it – a mile long litter box! (I’m kidding; he stayed in the condo or on the porch…) Isn’t he fierce?

Kramer, after enjoying some birthday cake…

In any case… the pancake situation has dramatically improved (Kramer likes pancakes, too; mostly, for him, it’s the butter, but he’s a fan regardless). I’m not ready to call it “White Lily” good, but it’s pretty darn good. I think that it helped A LOT that I ordered some of the worst pancakes of all-time while in Heidelberg (seriously, I’ve been debating for several days whether the cardboard I was served was better or worse than the burned up gummy mess of 3 weeks ago); since then, my pancakes with the do-it-yourself-self-rising-flour have tasted pretty darn good (if I do say so myself…). And we now have coriander blatter (aka cilantro), cumin, cayenne pepper, basil, etc., so there aren’t as many complete and total culinary travesties.

Kramer isn’t as much a fan of these flavors as I am, but nobody said that it’s a cat-friendly world. Just ask Kramer. Even though it sounds like he gets away with something close to murder, he feels pretty darn pent-up – caged in, if you will… (Before anyone becomes alarmed that Kramer has been abandoned, please know that he is continuing to live with his best friend (Daddy) and the other person Daddy lives with (this is from Kramer’s point of view; Momma); there is no animal cruelty associated with this adventure).

In (self-imposed) exile…

Don’t get me wrong; I really miss a lot of people (including my family… And my friends… And having coworkers… And just being able to eavesdrop on the next conversation over at the cafe (well, let’s face it, even calling it a cafe is an indication that it has been a long time already…)… well, mostly it is my family and friends, of course. And a lot of things (including the ability to drive in a safe fashion on roads on which there are other drivers… and lightbulbs that turn on immediately… and ceiling fans (despite the persistent chill in the air, I really miss my ceiling fan)… And Starbucks, good grief do I miss Starbucks (literally, right in my backyard; when it was available to me, I probably average)… And… And… And…

None of that is to say that I don’t enjoy being here, and that I haven’t seen a whole lot of really cool things that have both touched my heart and brought a smile to my face. But… The best thing is that when laundry day rolled around again, Mike asked, “can you show me how to do the laundry?” 🙂 that’s right folks. I’m a housewife who doesn’t do laundry. And I’m still whiney.

20121007-212818.jpgI had to snap this picture in a hurry; Mike didn’t dilly. And all of the clothes somehow ended up dry(ish).

11 thoughts on “Laundry, part 2

  1. You are so very, very, very brave to be on this adventure!!! Sending thoughts of comfort your way!

    P.S. When we were in Paris, we went with this American tour company on a fabulous tour. I think part of the joy was just being around other Americans! Anyway, something to try on your next trip to the big city:

    • Man, Lindy, I can’t tell you how much those comfort thoughts are appreciated! I was told that between the end of month 1 and 2 were going to be the hardest parts, but I worked hard to ignore that warning. And it was the Fat Tire tour that we wanted to do in Berlin! I’m glad to hear an endorsement… I wasn’t sure if we were only curious because Mike likes Fat Tire beer a lot or if there was actually something good going on with their tours, but I’m really glad to hear that it’s a good one! We plan on taking it when we go back! Thanks again…

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  3. man oh man do I miss you!!! love hearing about your adventures though and I think it’s perfectly reasonable to be feeling the way you are. besides the best way to move past those feelings is to admit that you are having them in the first place!! sending you ginormous cyberhugs (but I’m sure you can imagine a real one). glad the clothes turned out dry(ish) and hopefully you’ll get some hot chocolate stat! I remember that kind of cold you are talking about when we were in Ireland.

    • I can imagine (and feel) a real hug, and I can promise you it would be returned. And I thank you for it… Love you!!

  4. Man. Firstly, as others have said, this is not uncommon. Don’t add guilt to how you already feel. I love that you’ve mastered some good pancakes and that Mike helped with laundry. Just seeing his arm hanging onto that hamper full of laundry and knowing that it was required to go up and down 4 flights made me misty. I mean, you can see the strength and ease with which he’s hauling that thing, one armed, and I cannot imagine facing that alone myself. So, YAY Mike! And thank goodness for your friend who told you about the Magic Jack app. Does it only work with landlines or can you call cell phones with it too? Tell her thank you from me.

    • I have passed along your thanks this very morning! 🙂 I am so grateful that he was willing (and so able) to do the laundry (with next to no whining!); unfortunately, it did add to my guilt. But I am able to feel guilty while simultaneously not feeling guilty because I know that this is hard and would be hard for anyone and doing things like sharing chores is the essence of marriage. It’s weird, two opposite feelings at the very same time. I know it happens, but it’s weird to feel and hard to explain…

  5. I’m behind. Just reading this now. Thinking of you lots and lots! I don’t really know what else to say. 😦

    • Thanks, Cheryl. That’s all you needed to say, and I appreciate it. It’s a strange feeling, being here, and being excited to be here and loving so much of it, but still being so sad that I’m not somewhere else and wanting the very things that I can’t have.

  6. I totally understand what you mean about being homesick while simultaneously appreciating the wonderful experiences you are able to have. There are sooooo many things you don’t realize that you love/take for granted in daily life until you are somewhere that differs so much (I really, really missed breakfast food in China and in Japan, a few other Americans I was with and I ended up having a grilled cheese party on an outdoor stove just outside a temple- we had finally found cheese!- I can’t tell you how many random Americans stopped to join our grilled cheese party; amazing how nostalgic a sandwich can make someone).

    It can be hard. But we’re all thinking of you!! And not only do you see cool things, but this is a way to bring such cool things to people (your friends and family who love and miss you) who haven’t been able to see it. And very likely never will.

    Sending you happy thoughts! Love you!!

    • I love your grilled cheese party!! I think I’d heard you mention it before, but I didn’t really “get it” until now. That is so cool!!

      Thank you for your thoughts (and for reading this) for happiness and empathy, and I also really appreciate your blog encouragement! It goes a long way!!

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