Heidleberg: It’s Where All the Cool Kids Go

We went to Heidleberg on our German Unity Day adventure, and it was positively fabulous. I can totally understand why it is such a popular place for tourists to go, and I can also understand why so many Americans living in Germany (even if they aren’t in the military) choose to live there. I’ll be honest: I want to live there! It is a very romantic city:  apparently the city makes you fall in love – with it! We found out yesterday that several other people from our group were there, and we never even knew it!

The Church of the Holy Spirit; this church has been around since the 1400s, although it has been rebuilt (in sections) due to damage from various conflict since then. Interestingly, it was used as the church building for both Catholics and Protestants from 1706 until the early-mid 1900s, and is now exclusively protestant.

I really don’t know how this was happening. This man, for the entire time we could see him (and ostensibly for enough time prior to our arrival that a crowd had gathered to watch), he was suspended while sitting without any notable signs of effort or strain. So strange!

I guess her husband is a tree-hugger?

Nestled in between the Neckar River and the Königsstuhl and the Gaisberg mountains, Heidleberg’s Altstadt (old town) got a hold of the original recipe for picturesque.

No town is complete without an Irish pub, right? Heidleberg one ups again: they have a pub and an Inn. WITH DRAGONS!

Heidleberg’s Marketplace, where quite a crowd had gathered for a communal feast in honor of the Day of German Unity (as if to prove me wrong, they were hosting a very festive gathering, with all manner or Wursts, breads, and beer; how much more German can you get?!)

Mike, about to enter the castle’s gate…

Come back real soon for what happens next… Here’s your Friday teaser: there is a 227000 liter wine barrel inside! And maybe, just maybe, Mike will write that post he tease us with. We’ll see. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Heidleberg: It’s Where All the Cool Kids Go

    • I can’t believe I thought of it all by myself! 🙂 And I’m glad that someone else giggled about it too! It’s enough if it makes me laugh, but it is always better to laugh with someone else…

  1. Guess who tripped and fell off the top of that wine barrel? LOL! I also met the rudest man in all of Germany at the cable car to the top of the hill. I hope you didn’t meet him.

    • No, I didn’t meet that rude guy (thank goodness), and I can’t believe you tripped off the top of that wine barrel! That sounds like a heart attack kind of moment! I slipped a bit coming down/at the bottom of the stairs, but the top? Jeez! I’ll be that hurt! It is pretty incredible, though, that wine barrel! I was amazed by it…

  2. Still waiting on that post, Mike… 😉 Love seeing your pictures. They make me a tad homesick as the trees and hills and stuff remind me of WI. I don’t remember Germany being so beautiful!

    • YOU AND ME BOTH (on the post from Mike)… not to mention the myriad of his friends and family who are eagerly awaiting the wisdom and wit that will surely unfold within it…

      Germany is infinitely more beautiful than I ever knew, honestly. Mountains and valleys and castles in so many towns. The colors alone are worth coming for!

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