These are a few of my favorite things

[please note, I am still anxiously awaiting my husband’s entry; no, I am not nagging. I’m also not holding my breath. I would be dead by now if I were, although I am still hopeful! :-)]

[please also note, we went to Berlin for the weekend. Sorting through the photographs, thoughts, feelings, etc. that accompany this experience will probably consume several posts this week, so I encourage you to be patient!]

As seen and heard in Deutcheland…

1. Old man wearing lederhosen. Yes, for real. Not a joke. At the market. I was so taken with him that I neglected to take a picture, so I’m using one I found here on the webs to give you a visual:

Imagine this, plus about 50 years. I’ve actually seen several men wearing this outfit now, but the first time was the best!

2. Bear-shaped salami (or at least bear shaped smoke meat of some sort); No, I have no intentions of eating it, but the mere fact that it exists is a thing of happiness to me. 🙂 (Again, for the sake of clarification, it is happiness to me because it is bear-shaped, not because it is meat-ish.)

Bärchen Salami=Bear-shaped salami… I wonder who thought of that?

3. Ramps, just for strollers. One of the things that is most different, it seems to me, is the emphasis paid on “Kinder” here (Kinder=kids). One of the many ways that this comes across is that on most public stair ways, there is an area devoted to a ramp for strollers! Great idea, Germany!

A Kinderwagen ramp!

4. Flowers! Blumen! Hooray for flowers everywhere! 🙂

Flower bank at a public parking lot. Par for the course? Why, yes! 🙂

There are also many very lovely Blumenshops,  almost everywhere!

Blumen Geschäften= Flower Shop!

5. The radio. In all seriousness, they played “Time Warp” from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” followed by Vanilla Ice’s, well, you know, “Ice, Ice Baby”. In morning drive time. And it wasn’t mocking. They weren’t illustrating a point. It was just how radio is… I dare you. Listen to both of these and try not to be happy. I believe it is impossible. After all, “it’s amazing; it’s astounding!” indeed.

3 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things

  1. I don’t like salami, but if ever I were to be tempted to eat some it would have to be bear-shaped.

    I love all the flowers everywhere!

    • I know! I want bear shaped cheese or bear shaped dried fruits or bear shaped bread/crackers! I didn’t even realize that there was a whole untapped market there until I saw the salami. Apparently, it’s made monster salami eaters of some of the American kids here who otherwise wouldn’t have touched the stuff.

      The flowers are really amazing – I would have thought that many flowers would have been dying back already because of the chill in the air, but they are going strong, in public and private gardens and in the shops! 🙂 Happiness!

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