Fancy Math (That’s the teaser, folks!)

Hello, and happy Friday to all!

Today’s post is a little different from most of my entries. It is one part teaser and one part funny picture day. I’ll do the funny pictures first, you know, to get maximum benefit of the whole teaser idea! 😉

Rrrriigghhhttttt…. “Health Club” Notice the cross there in the middle? It’s like a reference to the Red Cross, I think; a world-wide symbol of health and help. And the “Hedonist” moniker probably just means that they listen to music while doing their aerobics… Because a girl just wants to have fun, right?!? Yeah. I got nothing. Sexy support? DJ Clap? REALLY??!!??

I thought that this was funny. I take it, based on the lock on the gate and the sign, that maybe railway workers are the only ones who are supposed to use the gate to go between the tracks. The gate that was wide open…

Just a simple political statement. Who knew a random restaurant in Frankfurt would need or want to make such a statement?

I know… the things people post! 😉

Now for the teaser. Mike came home yesterday and told me that he might even write a post! Hooray, right? It is one (if he writes it, no pressure, sweetie!) that you will absolutely want to read… the story about how he saved us money by getting into a 5 CAR WRECK on the autobahn. That’s right, kids, in all of his engineering ways, he found a way to save us money by getting into a crash on one of the most famous roads in the world. That’s my sweetie, always thinking!

(as a side note, WordPress is happy to suggest tags I may want to apply to my posts; after writing the above paragraph, one of the suggested tags is “internal decapitation.” I am happy to report that all involved in the accident are alive and well and doing good (Mike says his foot is bruised, but otherwise he seems fine). Right next to that suggestion is a tag for “Fox Broadcasting Company.” It is hard for me, but I am going to assume that “internal decapitation” and “Fox Broadcasting Company” are unrelated and it was purely by, ahem, coincidence that the two appeared right next to each other. I will politely decline both of these suggestions. Just so you know…)

6 thoughts on “Fancy Math (That’s the teaser, folks!)

  1. LOL!

    Oh, Fox…and random signs people post…

    There were so many signs in China, Japan, and Taiwan that tried to use English, but clearly had no idea how. Good times.

    Looking forward to reading your post, Mike! (Hint, hint)

    • I couldn’t help but wonder if the tags could possibly be trying to be funny… I don’t think that they can do that – can a computer generate humor on purpose? Probably not… 🙂 Keep hoping on the Mike post!

  2. omg!! that was too funny! awesome. love the tag suggestions, that literally had me laughing out loud and Easter is looking at me now like I am crazy. back to the studying I go.

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