The Anatomy of a(n Almost) Perfect Day

An almost perfect day starts even before you (I) wake up. It begins with good sleep. After an ominous beginning during our first week here, I have been sleeping great (hallelujah; insomnia is for the birds! I do not take even a single night’s worth of good sleep for granted). On Friday, I woke up early (love that, and getting to enjoy the quiet of the early dawn) and was well-rested.

Part 2 of an almost perfect day (APD) comes with having a purpose. And I did! Friday was shoe shopping day! So, ignoring Mike’s (he assures me he was kidding) question about why I needed more shoes, I had my mission: procure warm boots for the impending winter. Add in good company, and I’m ready to go!


I know… not at all practical for Aschaffenburg in general (lots of walking) or for winter (although they aren’t open-toed), but… (ok, ok, so I didn’t actually get them, but I sure did enjoy trying them on! Trying on was SO much fun!)

Winter boots. Fleece-lined, waterproof (according to the sign), and with a small wedge (you know, to keep the back of my foot from just standing around in the snow). 🙂 And they were fairly inexpensive!

Part 3 of APD: tasty bread for lunch. If I’ve learned little else about the German culinary existence, it is that good bread takes priority over many, many other things. Mike and I (while obtaining our German phones and phone numbers, natch) found an awesome bakery nearby! Check,check! (Seriously, our conversation about this bread went something like this: Mike: this bread is really good! It has a good crust on it. AM: (getting ready to try it) oh good! Is it soft on the inside, too? Mike: yeah, it really good. Maybe a little chewier than the bread we got in Paris. AM: the bread at the place named the best baguette in Paris in 2011, or just generally the bread in Paris. Mike: yeah, the best bread place. This is good, though. WHO ARE WE?!? How are we sitting there having a serious conversation about the best bread in Paris vs. the bread on OUR table in Germany?!? I do not recognize my own life at this point. It is good, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t believe I’m living in Germany, let alone having THAT conversation.)

Part 4= OUR FIRST CARE PACKAGE!! Having amazing friends is the best thing ever. Just seeing someone’s name that I know in our mailbox is enough to make it a great day, honestly (no pressure), but a box? With tasty things, decorative things, delightful candle-like scents, AND awesome magazines?!? Not to mention another card which now is framed in our make-it-look-like-a-house frames? Floating on air!

The middle card is the one that completed the collection! 🙂 Sweet Georgia!

You put the candle-like tarts in the top, and then have a tea-light underneath. My lovely and thoughtful friend sent us pumpkin-related fall scents, Christmas tarts, and spring-time tarts!

Part 5 is the part of the day that earned the “almost” distinction. All of the kids and moms and I were at the (not kid friendly) playground, when the 6 year-old among us fell and broke her elbow. 😦 very sad, and I’m sure that an elbow (home of the always misleadingly-named funny bone) is an exceptionally painful thing to break! 😦 (Say a prayer for Izzy and her parents as they continue to figure out this process. So far, she’s been back to the hospital twice and is still wearing the super heavy cast, which is making for a very unhappy little girl. Hopefully, they will get the new cast on Tuesday, but there are a lot of hours in between now and then!)

Back to me, people. 😉 Part 6. My awesome day resumed following a shower, when one of the other wives and I decided to explore the restaurant scene for ourselves (we aren’t eating out very much AT ALL, not that we need to given the trials and tribulations of our cooking adventures; I also want to add that we have now found all of the ingredients necessary for guacamole and salsa, we just have to get them all under one roof– it’s going to be amazing). We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! The waiter could tell that we were having a great time, and tried to encourage our festivities with a complimentary shot of cinnamon-flavored tequila? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Fortunately, I have become familiar with the names of many spices, because “Christmas flavored” was the best description the waiter could offer, and then he named it “zint.” I know that! We decided it was best to just throw it in our glasses and say, “thank you.” (Mike points out that this is another major difference between us; it’s unfathomable to him to not do a shot, and to do it all in one gulp). I should add that I did have a very small taste of it, and THEN we decide to toss it in our glasses! It was probably really good as shots of tequila go, but I feel like that may have sent my almost perfect day down a whole different path. We did have the fork-truck festival to prepare for, after all! (more on that soon! Saturday was just chock full of fun! Today, we are off to Frankfurt!)

Good for a night out?

Now to you: Thank you so much for reading this! Writing this has been such a great help to me to process all that we are seeing, doing, and learning, and interacting with folks that I would not get to talk to otherwise and those of you that I just can’t get enough of?! Thanks so much… It has helped me more than you know! 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a(n Almost) Perfect Day

  1. I love that you are writing this too! I am really enjoying reading it. I feel like you are closer than you are.
    I think you might need to go back for those black & pink shoes. You never know when you might need some for an unpractical day. 😉

    • That’s exactly the feeling I get when I read comments – like I’m way closer than I really am. 🙂 And the shoes… I have a lot of impractical days! 🙂 So much shopping to do, so little time. I’m actually really surprised that I like the styles here as well as I do. I had been imagining a pretty bleak shoe situation, so I’m very relieved! 🙂

  2. OH, Sweet Georgia!!! It seems somehow more appropriate that she’s framed in your house in Germany, now that she’s of legal drinking age. 😉 And the water color print fits perfectly in with the other framed pieces! Those winter books look PERFECT and ADORABLE! I’m actually feeling kinda jealous right about now. And the last pair, the black and white ones are killing. me. Killing me. SO cute. And YAY for sleep!! I too know how it can make or break a day. I’m glad that you have a few more things to help make the place feel like home. Praying it feels more that way every day. Oh, and for the little girl… breaking the elbow?! ouch!

    • 🙂 I felt like it must have been fate for Georgia and that frame. The other 2 are cards from momma – one she slipped in my carry on bag when we were leaving and the other was the one she sent as soon as she had the address. So – instant decoration! Thanks for the shoe love! The black and white pair I actually bought on my phone while you and I were out shopping while I was in Dallas! 🙂 a Betsey Johnson HauteLook special. The bottom soles are leopard print! I know… I totally love them. And they are ridiculously comfortable. Like more comfortable than my Converse sneakers. I’m passing on the prayers for the little girl, and I know that they will be appreciated. The apartment is coming along… progress…

  3. I love all of those shoes! Did you get the las pair? (The b&w ones?) Gotta admit that I wish you had gotten the first pair (the closed toe booties- hate that name for them, btw; feel like something called that should come with a diaper- I much prefer the term ankle boots)…and I wish we were the same size. 😉

    Your day sounds wonderful (except the broken elbow; ouch!)! Excited to see what comes of the forklift festival!

    Say hi to Mike for me!

    • hahah! I’m with you on the “bootie” moniker, although I’d never put it into words quite like that! I may end up going back for them – I’m not ruling it out! 🙂 I bought the black and white pair while Mike was in Germany before we both were here (before Cheryl’s wedding). I found that I was always especially weak to shopping urges when he was gone, but I had no problem convincing myself of those! I wore them when I went out with the other lady on Friday night. Mike volunteered to drive us, so we could wear fancy shoes! 🙂 (He said “hi;” almost loud enough for you to hear him!)

  4. Oh, I’m so happy to be living my dream European life vicariously through you!! I laughed out loud (literally) as I was reading about your bread convo and drink excursion, and I swooned over those fantastic wedged boots (you bought them, right?!) So glad everything is going so well! XO Amber

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