To market, to market

We chickened out on the bus thing. So… that adventure will come another day.

But, we did walk down to the market, which is just the loveliest thing! For those of you in Atlanta looking for a reference point, this twice-each-week event is larger than the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market, and not as over-priced (don’t get me wrong, though, I do love the PRFM, too, but this just felt like I have found warm waters to dip my toes into). This is another adventure where the pictures do a better job of telling the story than my words ever could.

Arriving at the market, along the outside of the castle.

The mums here are positively riotous, and just as popular.

Apples – “apfels”, by variety

The beginning of guacamole revenge night?

my friends, selecting NON-HOLLAND tomatoes thanks to a thoughtful suggestion posted here! 🙂 I purchased a couple of Deutche tomaten, which were exceedingly wonderful.

Can you believe these watermelons?!? They are a face-first affair.

if only I had a yard…

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