Mall Rats

Yesterday – our second “real” day – took me all about town and took Mike to work. We know well that Mike’s work is super exciting, so I’ll ask him to pen a post about that soon. 🙂 It was also my first trip to the mall! It was very interesting! I went with Michele, one of the other two wives along for the trip, and her two kids. We stopped to get ice cream, and people were ordering ice cream and beer. Right there in the middle of the mall. It’d be like going to the Great American Cookie Company kiosk and ordering an “Original” and a Bud. I was a little too shocked to snap a picture, but I’m hoping that you can imagine. Needless to say, I’m still adjusting…

The mall was filled with interesting things, ranging from the sight below to crazy, madhouse, like-trying-to-buy-a-cabbage-patch-doll-circa-1984 stores (school supplies are hot commodities in these parts).

Myself, I can’t even count the number of times my shopping list has consisted of just socks, tights, and coffee. Here, they are all in one store! Wow!

On a more cultural note, they also had a sand sculpture installation going one level that was pretty fun:

Sand castle church!

pretty intense guy to be made of sand, eh?

It’s a sand sculpture surprise-guy!

I’m off to the market this morning (there is a large Farmer’s Market in town every Wednesday and Saturday). And hopefully learning to ride the buses! (That, my friends, will be an interesting post!)


8 thoughts on “Mall Rats

  1. Oooh, I wonder if their tights are as wonderful as Japan’s. I hope so. And if so, you should buy some.

    Did you find a blanket, boots, and winter jacket?

    • The tights here are abundant and cute and appear to be very soft. I feel certain that you will be seeing pictures in the coming days! 🙂

      I found (and am snuggled up under) a lovely and soft and warm blanket, and I spied some good boots (but did not make the purchase because I was out of space in my bags and hands). I haven’t found a jacket that I felt like fit the bill, though. 😦

  2. What fun experiences! Tights and sand sculptures in one place. So what’s the range of store types in the mall? Macy’s equivalent? ATL? Burburry?

    • I’m Mott 100% as I was also balancing the whims of te 4 and 6 year olds accompanying us, but there were several home-type stores, a la boutique-type stuff, an H&M, a Woolworth like store, and what seemed like hundreds of stores like The Limited or Express. I don’t know if I got the stores’ personality just right, but close…

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