Aschaffenburg, in more pictures than words

More pictures than words is the goal, but I’m not including captions! 🙂

1st: our walk around Park Schôntal (downtown Aschaffenburg)


Johannisburg Castle, downtown Aschaffenburg. Build in 1605-1614, this was an official residence for archbishops and their like until the 1800s. Now, it serves as the home of a couple of museums (including the world’s largest gallery of cork architectural models), and is available for your party and reception needs.


The pond that runs through the park, home to several ducks and apparently a lot of duck food (the ducks were so busy eating that they simply could not be bothered to take a picture).


a pretty flower.

Walking through the main part of town:


Outside the “Cuban” restaurant in town. They have the pretties benches of any of the cafés! Mike has eaten there, and says that there isn’t a single Cuban sandwich or empanada on the menu. Oh well… Who needs culinary accuracy, anyway?


I haven’t seen a collection of Little Miss and Little Mr. books this comprehensive in a while!


Should you find yourself at this traffic circle, you would take the branch to the left, towards Schwienheim (which translates literally as “pig home”, in order to find our apartment. They are rather fond of their traffic circles… fortunately, they are also well-marked! 🙂

And the grocery store, as seen through my very American eyes:


Hollandaise sauce in a box. This needs no other words.


The cereal aisle is my favorite. This is just one fine example of the variety offered. There are also “Good Morning Flakes,” “Cool Flakies,” “Enjoy Wellness Flakes,” and “Hipp Honey Moby” (complete with a picture of a whale on it) cereals.


Isn’t it interesting that the whole front label of this most interesting product is all in English? The back of the label is all in German. And… it’s Sweet and Fruity Exotic Sauce. For real.


Obviously, this is some kind of thermostat/thermometer, but anybody, even a very mature someone, would have to know that the name “funkwecker” is hilarious… right?


Straight down one of the main streets in Aschaffenburg. We haven’t heard any other English speakers, even though I always think “this must be the tourist area of town.”


“The Olive Inn,” looks a little more like “mint” to me, but it’s still kind of neat.

5 thoughts on “Aschaffenburg, in more pictures than words

  1. Yes. Funkwecker is hilarious! My favorite when I was living in France was a granola cereal called Crapsy Fruit.

  2. PLease tell me you bought the Wonder Zimties and they were wonderfully zimti-licious!? This post is amazingg. Ever picture was better than the last! I cant wait to see whats next =)

    • We do not have the pleasure of a zimtilicous breakfast yet. We have Good Morning flakes and Fitness flakes, but I can promise that the Wonder Zimties (and the Cool Flakies) will be purchased and consumed! 🙂 We aim to please!

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