Leaving on a Jet Plane

We made it to Germany! Both of us, and all 8 of our bags (almost 300 lbs checked), are safe and sound in Aschaffenburg. Believe me, this is no small task!


Luggage, luggage everywhere, and I still have nothing to wear! πŸ™‚


Can you believe it?! No Starbucks in Aschaffenburg! My last Pumpkin Spice latte until an adventure takes me to the land of Starbucks!

It is so hard, much harder than words can say, to leave the people and the places that have defined home for so many years. Even as hard as it was, though, I’m starting to look ahead a little more, to (really) imagine the places we may see and the things we will have the opportunity to do while we are here. Rome! Venice! Amsterdam! Croatia! I could probably use up a post’s worth of exclamation points naming all the places that I’d like to go, so I won’t go on. Stay tuned, though! πŸ™‚ (I’m sure that the photos here will become more interesting, too!) For today, though, I do celebrate the success of getting all of our stuff here! Not to mention that I’ve already unpacked and put away my shoes (not much else, mind you, but the shoes have a home).


It’s hard to capture a good image of this, but our bed has a shoe border on 3 sides!

Our relocation consultant (who is very excited about very cheap laundry soap) also showed us around the local supermarket yesterday afternoon (following a very intense nap), and much to my surprise (and delight), I will not be sacrificing my favorite little vice: Sprite Zero! πŸ™‚ We have yet to get ourselves organized about groceries and food and other basic necessities, but we do have a case of Sprite Zero. It’s the little things, indeed.

The Eagle has landed. In my kitchen.

Aschaffenburg is a sleepy little town, for sure. Upon venturing out for dinner last night, we found that there were several places closed already (7pm ish), although this may be a Monday custom. We will have to do more research! We did eventually find a tasty little place to eat: we had dΓΆnner, which are like gyro. The man who sold/made us dinner was just about the most cheerful, patient, gracious person I’d ever want to meet (all of which felt entirely necessary as he spoke next to no English and we speak almost no German). We were also able to get our car yesterday. It’s very German: A Volkswagon Golf. It’s very cute, but it’s actually even bigger than my car at home! We kept hearing about how small cars are over there, but then we go and get a bigger car (not that it’s actually big, but in comparison to the MINI, a lot of things seem big!). I’m scared to drive it, but I’m sure that this is also something I’ll get over at some point (stick shift, different driving rules, stick shift, did I mention that it’s a manual transmission?).


Our apartment building comes with an interesting history, as well (especially as we observe the memory of September 11 and all that our military stands for and does for us). It was built (we believe) between the World Wars and was used to house military service people until the end of the Cold War. The base here in Aschaffenburg closed about 10 years ago, making room for happy little engineers and their families today!


We’re on the 3rd floor, but on the back side of the building.


Our kitchen, complete with an oven (not standard in German kitchens, but I’m much relieved to have one!)! We are getting a new front to the dish washer today, we’ve been told.


I really think that the Europeans are onto something smart – 2 separate bed coverings! No sharing required!

10 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. I’m so excited for you! And very homesick for Europe for me. 😦 it sounds like you’re off to a great start. I love your apartment building–such wonderful windows, and a large kitchen. I’m so glad you’re blogging about this experience. Thanks for sharing it with us!! Auf Wiedersehen!

    • Thanks Stephanie! Maybe I can convince some sort of tourism board to pay me for taking my adventures and making people want to come over here… Its a thought…

  2. Hi Anne Marie and Mike! I love the blog!! And what a cool place to stay especially with the events of today. And I must say absolutely wonderful idea of the shoe border on all 3 sides! HAHA I know I told you this but what a relief to have your Sprite Zero…different bottle! But I’m sure the same great taste! wahooo indeed it is the small things in life. I’m sure they don’t have Diet Lime. Nice to see all the pictures. I hope your new dishwasher came today! Have a wonderful day of exploration. Sending lots of hugs and love to you.

  3. A Marie….your beautiful, smart and SHORT! enjoyed working with you in hell (sorry i mean ANKA) which is Egyptian for HELL. nevertheless best wishes to you guys in your future endeavors..
    Andre’ McDaniel

    • hey Andre! Thanks, and thanks for the laugh! I’m figuring it must be purgatory because we got out… (thank goodness!) How are you doing these days? It is awesome to see your name here!

  4. I love being able to read about what you two are up to and seeing the visuals (LOVE the shoe border and the separate blankets!). This is so exciting. I hope you see everything you have on your mental list. I’m quite envious. My travels have never taken me to that part of the world (yet). So take lots of photos for those of us who have to live vicariously!!

    • πŸ™‚ I’m so glad! Just wait until I get my camera in the grocery store! We went there yesterday (for a real shop, not just the re-lo guy showing us around), and I thought it was completely fascinating. Their products can be quite hilarious to my untrained (in the German way of grocery stores) eye…

  5. I have a feeling reading your blog at the end of the day will quickly become one of my favorite things to do! This was so fun hearing about all the little things that are kicking off the big adventure! Its great seeing pictures too- I’m not sure what I expected your apartment to look like, but it’s much more ‘normal’ looking than I had imagined =) Can’t wait to hear/see more!!! Keep it coming

    • πŸ™‚ Thanks! Your words about our apartment had me laughing out loud, for real! Its normal enough, BUT THERE ARE NO CLOSETS! ANYWHERE!! 3 cheers for IKEA! (we’re going there today. I’ve been promised.) Seriously, though, most things are similar enough, just a little bit off from what we are used to. Its enough to make the whole world look a little more interesting…

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