Hello world!

Welcome to our getting-ready-for-the-big-adventure post! We have 2 days to go. And only 3 items on the to-do list! Those three items, in case you were wondering, are get a massage and mani-pedi (AM), fix the motorcycle turn signal (Mike, one would think that this would be more useful when one was actually using the motorcycle, but what do I know), and pack (both of us). Oh packing… why do you torture me so?!?

We’ve (mostly) said our goodbyes, we’ve (mostly) figured out what we need, and we’ve crossed most of the things off of our to-do list. So… now all that’s left is the actual adventure! And this is where the “Official Record” of our escapades will be found.

While our “home” will be in Aschaffenburg, Germany, our adventures will certainly take us beyond this fair city. In preparing, though, here are some fun facts about “home:”

Aschaffenburg is home to a little less than 70,000 people (and 7,500 parking spaces) is located about 41km from Frankfurt (often called the New York City of Germany) in northern Bavaria. The name “Aschaffenburg” roughly means Castle at the Ash Tree river, and it dates back to the Stone Ages (Roman legions were even located there). The US Military had a significant presence in Aschaffenburg throughout the Cold War, ending in 1992. We are glad that the military was there (but isn’t anymore), as one of their old buildings has become our apartment building! The last thing that you (and by you, I mean me) need to know about Aschaffenburg is that it is home to the largest shopping mall in Northern Bavaria! Yay!

I’m certain that you will see plenty of pictures along the way, and probably learn a lot about us as we learn about ourselves on this adventure. We are so thankful to so many for giving us so much love and support and encouragement! Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Keep blogging. This is so much fun to see / hear what you are doing. And a CASE of Sprite 0 — where do you store food / kitchen things?

    • Thanks! 🙂 We’re still working some of that stuff out, but for now, the case is sitting next to the cabinets on the floor. We don’t even have more than 5 clothes hangers yet, so there is a whole party happening on the floor – Sprite, clothes, bags… you name it!

  2. It should be fun for us to live the adventure with you! Stay safe and post lots of pictures and stories!

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